Film Photography Podcast

Film Photography Podcast 223

May 31, 2019

Film Photography Podcast
Episode 223 - June 1, 2019
The FPP welcomes the largest cast to date. This episode features Ethan Moses and his Camerdactyl OG 4x5 3d printed camera ( The Cameradactyl OG is $200 (US) without a lens. It takes standard 4x5 film holders. It is focused by a scale focus on the focusing ring or by using the ground glass. There are three ground glass options (plain ground glass, plain ground acrylic, or gridded ground acrylic).

Cast: Michael Raso, John Fedele, Leslie Lazenby, Mark Dalzell, Mark O’Brien

Guests: Ethan Moses (Cameradactyl), Owen McCafferty, and Joseph "Joby" Brunjes.

Cameras discussed (or at least mentioned): Cameradactyl OG 4x5, Travelwide, Busch Pressman D, Kodak XL Super 8

Quote of the Episode:  Ethan: “When you put a hot pink grip on a Leica M, people get real angry.”

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